My word of the week – lollygag


This word is not half as bad as it might sound.  It does not involve lollies, or gagging.  In fact, a lot of you will lollygag, possibly on a daily basis.  Many of you will be lollygagging right now.  The Oxford Dictionary definition is:

“Spend time aimlessly; idle.”

I don’t profess to be an expert at many things, but lollygagging is an exception. So often I find myself spending a lot of time doing not a lot.  It’s a problem which, understandably, has a direct effect on my productivity.  The worst time of day for me is the evening.  Once I’m home from work, the temptation of just draping myself over the sofa is often too great to resist, and once I’m draped, it is incredibly difficult to undrape.  I whittle the time away catching up with the Daily Mail news, checking social media (six months ago I was a Twitter virgin, so the excitement of a retweet or favourite is still rather fresh), having Quiz Up battles with Olly and googling ‘pictures of animals in teacups’.  In all seriousness, everyone should do that last one.

After sufficient lollygagging, I look at the time and realise I haven’t been for a run, the washing isn’t on and I should have started cooking dinner an hour ago.

A recent example of my lollygagging is watching this video of a tiny hamster in a tiny mansion.  Don’t judge me.


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