Lifesmile blogging

Deciding what type of blog I wanted to write had me pondering. How can you categorise something that doesn’t exist yet? I’m hoping my blog will evolve as I do, whatever that means. I’m also insufficiently passionate about something like fashion or beauty to dedicate all my writing to it.  The random stuff I come out with on a day to day basis will surely flow into what I write, so a pigeon hole isn’t going to suffice. This pigeon needs to spread her wings.

Like many others who I’m sure felt the same when setting up a blog, I decided that the lifestyle category would be the best option (despite my life having very little style). This gives me the chance to write about what I want, when I want, and not worry that it isn’t conforming to the ‘blog box’ that I put myself in at the beginning.

That being said, this blog is supposed to be focused on making more of life, celebrating things that make me happy, and keeping positive. So rather than a lifestyle blog, I have christened this a lifesmile blog (I coined this myself but it may be a term which is already used). My writing will explore all the things which make me smile, as well as the stuff I enjoy thinking about, talking about and doing. Sometimes I might need to have a rant, but that’s ok, because I’m told that every cloud has a silver lining… (check out my first blog post ‘Silver linings‘).


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