The people that feel like home

Six chicks

What is it about the people that, when you are with them, make you feel like you’re at home? My awkward and uncomfortable tendencies can easily crop up when I’m around people, to the point that, sometimes, I would rather just be on my own. But with those certain few, those special ones, when you are with them it’s just perfect. Nothing matters. You can be you, stripped back, flawed, and un-judged.

Since moving to Cardiff I have met some truly wonderful friends that I hope will stick around in this life of mine for a very long time. But, back home, where this life of mine all started, there are five little gems that mean a hell of a lot to me. And it’s not that we speak all that often – I don’t even get to see them more than about twice a year (and that’s challenge enough) – it’s that when I do see them, it’s as if I never left.

I’m the first to admit my hopelessness at staying in touch. I put it off, tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow, and then probably forget. With some people, this means friendship turns to dust. The bond breaks. Because what is a friendship without contact? But with others, it just doesn’t matter. With them, it’s how it always was.

So, I just want to say thanks to you five. You know who you are. Thanks for being awesome little balls of fun, laughter, wine, melted cheese, and love. Thanks for being with me on the ups, and being there for me on the downs. Thanks for making me certain that it doesn’t matter where we all end up, you will always feel like home.