A path untrodden

A path untrodden

Someone I haven’t known all that long, but whom I would class as a very good friend, has just done something crazy. Amazing. Terrifying. Admirable. Brave. She has left the place she knows, where her friends are, where she had a fabulous job, where she called home, to live in a city she’d never visited, in a country she’d never been to, where they speak a language she doesn’t know. She’s young and has her whole life ahead of her, and I absolutely love how she is walking her own path instead of waiting for one to appear in front of her. She was at a crossroads and instead of playing it safe or choosing the easy way, she is doing something incredible. I’m jealous. I’m sad, too.

It’s not often you meet someone you think you really relate to. Someone with lots of common interests. Someone you enjoy talking to and listening to. Someone you can be honest with. For me, Amber Bell is one of those people. Sassy and ambitious, I was so pleased to get to know her. We aren’t incredibly close, but we just click. I certainly think we do anyway.

I don’t have many friends. Those I have are friends because I make time for them and they make time for me. After moving to Cardiff permanently I really struggled to meet people who I would class as friends as opposed to acquaintances, perhaps. Luckily I met a few early on who are still good friends now. With friendship quality is much more important than quantity. But Amber is someone I met fairly recently (in the last year or so) and now she’s gone. And I’m gutted. Florence captured her heart and she went to find it there. I hope to visit next year. In the meantime I will have to make do with her wonderful blog as company.

What she’s doing though, makes me question what I’m doing. I’ve never gone travelling, for example, and I’ve never lived outside of the UK. Everyone I know who has says it’s the best thing they have ever done. So, am I missing out?

I’ve always played life quite safe. I did well at school, did a sensible degree, worked hard to get a sensible job. The only crazy or brave thing I’ve ever really done was to quit that job. And I was right to do so. I could have stayed there and been unhappy. But I hated being unhappy. I was the one to make the decision to turn off that path and find another one. I’m not sure where it will take me, but I’m much happier walking down it. There will be other paths, I’m sure, but I will be the one to find them. Make them. Opportunities don’t fall in our laps unless we are very lucky or were born with a silver spoon.

One day I hope I can travel. See more of the world. I’m envious of the freedom Amber has and the adventures she is going to experience. I hope that moving to Florence was the best decision she ever made. For me, there are things to keep me where I am right now. Those are important things that I hold dear. I’m in a good place and I remind myself of that every day. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be other paths which I lay down for myself further down the line.

When the time is right.


8 thoughts on “A path untrodden

  1. Hi

    we all come to crossroads in our lives and make decisions which change our lives, but the main question for me is “where do i need to be to be me?” The answer is different for each of us, but the one thing that is in common is that it can often be closer to home than we think. We see a lfestyle that appeals to us in another country without always asking ourselves if the place is that important, or if i wanted to, could I do the same things etc right here, right now.

    Sometimes we move for a fresh start, perhaps because a relationship or a job has ended, but if we are truer to ourselves, what we are looking for is happiness. Sometimes we run away from a place, but we can’t run from ourselves. I have 2 elderly friends, a brother and sister who lived for may years within a mile of each other. They met up perhaps one or two evenings a week. After her husband passed away, the sister decided to emigrate to Australia around 10 years ago when she has in her late 70s, as some of her children are in Australia. The brother flies out to Australia at the end of November each year for 3 months, the Sister flies over to the U.K in time for Wimbledon each year, and stays for 3 months. Although they live a world apart, they have more quality time together now than when they lived a mile apart.

    The message year is that it is never too late to make changes in your life, but is it people or the place that matter to you most? # Rob

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    • I think a lot of people are running from something when they travel or move away. But you are so right, you can’t run from yourself. And for everything you find somewhere new, there will be things you have to leave behind. It is absolutely the people that make your life, rather than the places you live it.

      For me, I want to travel for the life experience. I don’t want to say ‘I wish I had done this’ or ‘I wish I had gone there’ years down the line.


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