My word of the week – rigmarole


This is one of those words which is fun to say.  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as:

A lengthy and complicated procedure.


A long, rambling story or statement.”

Ahh, the joys of going through the rigmarole of life.  I see myself as a low-maintenance being who longs for things to be simple.  But that’s never the way is it?  Life is hard.  Life is complicated.  Life can be a real pain in the proverbial.  And even when things are going well, there is always something round the corner to come and punch you in the face.

To avoid this post becoming a rigmarole, my advice is that when that happens, take the knock, get back up, and embrace the shiner!  You are not defined by the things which happen to you, but by the way you deal with them.

Pretty deep for a sunny Sunday afternoon.


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